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Borer Damage to Trees

Borers can be serious aesthetic, economic, and structural pests of trees. They can and will kill trees. Borer larvae and adults make tunnels in the shoots, branches, trunks, or roots of trees of all ages and sizes.  Eggs of most borer species are laid on or in the bark and larvae chew into the plant tissue.  Most […]


Drought Habits to Keep

The drought has caused us to change habits with regards to our landscapes. In particular, watering was restricted and we had to find new ways to get our trees the life giving water they needed. It also caused us to pay more attention to our trees and shrubs than we might have before. Well, I don’t […]



Before you plant a tree you should consider what that tree will look like when mature, and how long it will take to mature.  Trees come in every size from the giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) down to the dwarf willow (Salix herbacea).    They also vary in crown diameters, growth rate, stem diameter, and many other characteristics. […]


Drought 2011

Due to the extreme drought in Texas, the state has had long periods this summer with little to no rainfall. Unfortunately, many trees and shrubs are dying due to the lack of rain, and leaving large-gaping holes in the landscape. Early signs of drought damage are yellowing leaves and early leaf drop. Generally, as the damage progresses, […]


Advanced Tree & Shrub Care Wins 2011 Comerica Collin 60 Award

Rick Zampino Advanced Tree & Shrub Care 590 N Meandering Way Fairview, TX 75069 Dear Rick, Congratulations on being selected as  one of the winners of the 2011 Comerica Collin 60 Awards on May 6th. It was exciting to see how many businesses in Collin County have continued to grow, despite the challenging economic environment […]


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