What Is An Arborist?

In the state of Texas anyone who has a pick-up truck, chainsaw and can perform tree work is considered an Arborist.  Which could be classified as the following; Tree guy, tree trimmer, tree cutter, tree man, tree whisperer, tree topper, tree expert, tree professional, tree technician, tree doctor, tree specialist, climbing arborist, utility arborist, licensed arborist, […]


Two Types of Health in Trees: Physical & Structural

Physical health is the appearance, when everything is working well the tree should have an overall healthy appearance. For example, leaves should be thick and green, canopy should have less than 17% dead branches, branches, limbs and trunk should be free of any disturbances. Root flares should be free of any soils, mulches and debris. […]


Trees Are Pets

There are Arborists out there that still have a difficult time understanding tree health, so for the average homeowner, it can be mind boggling. I have mentioned in previous articles that when thinking about your trees, please understand that they are living organisms. Too many times they are treated as ornaments (objects). When you consider them as living […]


Tree Trimming After A Hail Storm

If you have trees on your property, you could benefit from a tree consultant. Proper tree maintenance and diagnosis is better left up to a certified arborist. They will have the proper training, and education to diagnose any size tree that needs to be removed. Diagnosing and removing trees from your property can require various procedures, […]


Preparing Your Trees for Spring Storms

Local forecasters in North Texas call for another stormy spring this year. Homeowners’ often associate heavy, wet winter snows with tree damage but high winds are just as destructive. While broken tree limbs can’t always be prevented, proper maintenance reduces the chances of that happening. Preparing for spring storms should include a careful assessment of your trees by an […]


Trees Need to Eat

Homeowners generally take care of their trees the way they think is the best.  It may be the correct way, but most likely not.  Just because we have had trees in our lives and they have grown, it’s common to think that they are in good health. Generally, this simply is not true.  Trees grow…. […]


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