How Do I Know I Need a Diagnosis for My Tree?

You are the steward of the trees on your property and know them best, in fact the law states you are responsible for their condition. However, you may need a professional to determine their condition (liability). A tree health diagnosis from a Certified Arborist may be in your interest if your trees show any signs of stress or deterioration, that could lead to decline and death, including:

  • How Do I Know I Need a Diagnosis for My Tree?Thin, dwarfed or damaged leaves
  • Leaf colors other than dark green
  • Leaves slow to develop(bud) and /or early leaf drop
  • Tree tip dieback
  • Dead or dying limbs, branches or leaves
  • Growths such as mushrooms on the trunk, limbs or roots or underneath the tree on the ground
  • Bumpy scales or powdery substances on the bark, root flares, branches or leaves
  • Loose or deteriorating bark
  • Weather related damage such as lightning strikes, hail, Winds, drought or flooding
  • Insect exit holes and or bleeding on the trunk or branches
  • External damage from impact to the tree


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