Why Tree Pruning Is Vital For Tree Maintenance

Without a doubt in our minds, tree pruning is important. Let us take a moment to explain just why you should care about this subject.

Why You Should Care About Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Helps Young Trees Grow Strong

Young trees need pruning to establish branch structure and shape. Pruning also helps to make up for root loss in newly planted trees. Pruning, trains trees to grow strong both structurally and physically. Done annually creates a landscape that maintains the above along with layering and species separation.

Tree Pruning Helps Trees Maintain Vigor

Dead and diseased branches attached to a tree make it difficult for the tree to stay healthy and vigorous. Pruning prevents the spread of decay from these branches across larger areas of a tree. It enables trees to continue growing strongly in an appropriate shape.

Tree Pruning Adds Curb Appeal

Sometimes property owners prefer an illuminated landscape rather than one tree shade darkens. Removal of branches allows more light to circulate through the tree and landscape. A well-manicured tree also adds beauty and value to a property.

Tree Pruning Protects Property

Hanging branches threaten nearby property, especially when severe storms happen. Pruning reduces the odds of hanging branches falling, which results in the need for costly repairs.

Tree Pruning Allows Other Plants To Getting Sun

Without proper sunlight, grass and plants in the shade of a hanging branch can’t thrive. The result is unattractive patches of dead grass in shaded areas. Pruning lets more sunlight reach the ground, which increases the space property owners have for gardening.

Feeding trees allows trees to get strong branches, limbs and stems , when fed with tree food professionally they tend to bend instead of break.

Advanced Tree & Shrub Care offers full assistance with tree pruning. To learn more about how tree pruning can benefit your trees, please contact us.


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