Tree Surveys

Tree surveys are usually performed to gather data used in submissions for site plan or permit approval.  For property development, depending on the municipality, most tree ordinances require trees be saved, replaced or relocated. In order to do this, the trees have to be located and listed by type, diameter, height and sometimes canopy size.

Advanced Tree Care offers tree survey services that provide accurate verification and tagging of existing trees. Data accumulation includes:

  • Tree Size
  • Tree Species
  • Condition of Tree
  • Location of Tree (approximation) **
  • Corresponding tag number of tree
  • Applicable tree credits/debits for mitigation

In addition to the field data required, we will assist in analyzing the information needed to mitigate your development plan.

**We recommend acquiring the services of a land surveyor after our field work is complete. Utilizing CAD and GPS satellite technology will provide a more accurate location of the trees.

Land surveyors are frequently employed to provide tree surveys.  Be aware, they are unqualified to perform professional tree surveys.

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