I thought y’all were fabulous with…

I thought y’all were fabulous with the removal of my tree in the back yard and the trimming of one of the front two trees. The second front tree looks like it could have used more trimming. A lot was removed on the first tree and some was removed on the second, but not much. The bottom half of that tree looks great, but the top half (of tree on right from street view) looks like it needs more. It may be different for a reason, but I’d like to know for sure. It’s still crowded looking to me in the top half. But this is definitely more of a question than a complaint. Rick and two others were careful, efficient, thoughtful and polite. They worked hard, answered all my questions (a job in itself, I know) and all around great. I will definitely be using you again and referring you to anyone that asks and is willing to listen. 🙂 Thanks for getting to me quickly and doing a good job. Please let me know when we can schedule the stump/roots removal and what you think about the top area of the front tree on the right. Thank you.

Anon Anon April 13, 2016


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