Specialized Tree Services

In addition to standard tree care services such as pruning, routine tree removal, plant health care and lightning protection, some trees require specialized tree services to protect their health and in some cases, their survival.


Support cables are sometimes needed to ensure that weak tree branches, tree stems and tree trunks remain structurally sound to prevent damage or loss from windstorms or other severe weather events. Cables can also be used to pull tree limbs, tree stems or small trees away from structures to avoid damage to the tree or the structure. The amount of added security offered by the installation of support hardware is limited however and not all weak tree limbs are candidates for these measures

Because cabling has such a significant impact on the structural condition of a tree, a professional arborist should always be consulted before any cabling solution is planned to provide additional support for tree branches or tree trunks. Advanced Tree Care uses only the highest quality and most durable tree cabling products to ensure the most successful result.

High Risk Tree and Limb Removal

It is not advisable to attempt difficult and complex tree or limb removals that present any immediate risk to people or property without the services of trained tree care professionals. These types of tree or limb removals require the knowledge, expertise and equipment that a skilled Advanced Tree Care professional provides in order to prevent unintended injury or property damage.

High Risk Tree and Limb Removal

Root Flare Exposure

Root flares are the structures located at the base of the tree which transition stem tissues into root tissue. This tissue is aerial tissue and is not designed to be in contact with soils. It does not have the adaptability or defense capabilities to survive under these conditions. This represents a constant stress on the tree, reducing vigor, the capacity to grow and the ability for the tree to effectively deal with stress. Long term the stress is cumulative, predisposing the tree to secondary infection and pre-mature death. Advanced Tree Care uses the air spading method to expose tree root flares and reduce these stress related issues.

Root Flare Exposure

Root Barriers

It is sometimes necessary to install a root Bio-Barrier in the ground to prevent tree roots from damaging important structures.  This barrier is installed with a tree’s health in mind.  Advanced Tree Care uses one of the most effective and reliable tree root barriers on the market and it carries a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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