Do You Need the Services of a Stump Grinder?

If you’ve ever had a tree removed — especially a large or sick tree — and were left with a stump, you know what an eyesore it is! But there are more reasons to get rid of a stump beside the fact that it’s ugly…

Do You Need the Services of a Stump Grinder?

Stumps Attract Insects and Disease

The last thing you want to attract to your yard is a horde of hungry termites, carpenter ants, fungus gnats, wood-boring beetles, wasps, weevils and moths, yet that’s a real possibility with a stump, especially one that’s beginning to rot! It’s only a matter of time before those insects decide to jump to your healthy or other stressed trees and shrubs or elsewhere for food and nesting materials — and that “elsewhere” could be your house. Certain number of diseases feed on the dead, dying  and decaying wood tissues creating an environment for those diseases to grow and jump to other trees, or be carried by insects to other areas as well.

Stumps Are a Danger to Kids

If you’ve got kids that love to play in your yard, a stump is an accident waiting to happen! Kids don’t always pay attention to obstacles when they’re in the middle of a game of tag or softball, and tripping over a stump can cause a nasty — and unnecessary — accident!

Stumps Cause New Tree Growth

Ever notice how many stumps “sprout” saplings from their sides? Leaving a stump behind could mean that over time, you’ll end up with more than just a stump. You’ll have a bunch of unwanted saplings to deal with as well.

Stumps Are an Obstacle to Yard Work

It’s enough of a chore to mow the lawn, weed or rake without having to try to maneuver around a stump.

Stumps Take Up Real-Estate

Not only is a stump unattractive to look at, it’s also taking up valuable real-estate space that could be an issue if you’ve got a small yard. A stump has a root system, so it’s taking up more space than what you see on the surface. Stumps devalue your property, and the properties around you as well. Remove it by grinding it down into the ground, removing excess shavings and replacing with good soil, another tree or plantings, this will retain and increase your real-estate value.

Don’t put up with a dangerous, risky, devaluing, space-robbing, ugly stump for another day! For stump removal in the North Texas area, contact us today at Advanced Tree Care, Inc.


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