Commercial Tree Services

Trees on commercial properties serve a variety of purposes:

  • They provide privacy, emphasize views, or screen out objectionable views, thereby softening, complementing and enhancing the architecture of the building
  • They provide an element of climate control to moderate the weather conditions, particularly in excessively hot Texas summers, and also provide some level of protection from all kinds of weather events for both people and buildings
  • They improve the quality of the air by filtering it, removing dust, other particles and pollutants, and also by absorbing carbon dioxide
  • They offer a natural feeling of serenity, peace and tranquility, making the property more attractive and appealing

Commercial Tree Services

For these and a number of other reasons, trees are major capital assets that require the same care and attention as an organization’s other important assets. As a result, they incur some costs to protect their value. The biggest cost is often when trees or shrubs are purchased and planted but like other assets, they require some ongoing investment to ensure that their expected ROI is attained.

In order to function well in any landscape, trees require regular maintenance for them to remain healthy and to sustain them as working assets. Maintaining mature landscapes can be a very complicated undertaking with regard to trees. Regular pruning and deadwood removal are a good start but in many cases, trees are competing with other forms of plants and flowers for water, nutrients and space to grow. In addition, trees under any type of stress from factors such as weather, environmental issues, poor irrigation, damage from machinery, etc., become more vulnerable to disease and pest attack.

As trees grow in maturity and size, especially large shade trees in a commercial environment, they require the services of a professional arborist with the knowledge and equipment needed to prune, spray, fertilize, and otherwise maintain a large tree properly.  Likewise, as trees grow in size, the risks and related costs associated with damage or loss to those trees increases as well, which represents a material threat to the value of those assets.  The most cost-effective way to mitigate these risks is a formal, ongoing program specifically designed to address the health, vigor and structure of the particular population of trees on your property, and to safeguard against any threats to their health and any potential risk of loss.

Advanced Tree and Shrub Care serves a wide range of commercial and community organizations such as retail businesses, corporate office parks, golf courses and HOA’s, with professional  tree pruning, tree removal and Plant Health Care (PHC) services. Under the direction and guidance of a Board Certified Master Arborist/Registered Consulting Arborist, our experienced and knowledgeable staff of ISA Certified Arborists delivers expert consultation and detailed attention to the needs of your tree population in order to ensure the maximum return on the investment you have made in your trees.

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