Borer Damage to Trees

March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized by Dave Daly

Borers can be serious aesthetic, economic, and structural pests of trees. They can and will kill trees.

Borer larvae and adults make tunnels in the shoots, branches, trunks, or roots of trees of all ages and sizes.  Eggs of most borer species are laid on or in the bark and larvae chew into the plant tissue.  Most borers are larvae of beetles or moths, but some are wasps or flies.  Most insect borers are considered “secondary pests” because they attack only after a tree has been weakened or killed by another stress.  Some, however, are “primary pests” and are able to attack and develop in fairly healthy trees and shrubs. Knowing whether insects are primary or secondary pests is critical to assessing and treating plant problems.

The presence of borers is hard to detect until trees become damaged or die. Sawdust-like frass (excrement) may be around an exit hole or on the ground. Sap may ooze from the wounded site. There may be round, oval, or D-shaped holes randomly located on the trunk.

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