6 Reasons to Prune Your Trees

Pruning a tree is essential for the health and livelihood of the plant. Below, we’ve compiled six reasons why having trees pruned is an important step to keeping your lawn healthy and whole.
6 Reasons to Prune Your Trees


The most visual reason for pruning your trees is simply to help them fit in better with the surrounding landscape. Removing dead spots and evening up places where the tree is growing unevenly helps to reshape it into a beautiful centerpiece for any landscaping design.

Treating Disease

Trees can contract diseases and harbor things that make them ill just the same as humans. Pruning can help to remove any infected areas and prevent the disease from spreading, effectively treating it as well as removing it.

Encouraging/Training New Growth

Not only does proper pruning help train new branches to grow, but a professional tree service using effective techniques can actually help to strengthen structurally a tree’s branches and roots as well with some careful pruning to the branches. Stronger roots give the tree a better chance of holding up during strong storms and harsh winters, as well as improving the general health of the plant.

Encouraging Fruit Production

Dead branches make a tree susceptible to disease and infection which, while bad news for any tree, is worse when the tree in question is used for its fruit. By pruning away these areas, you’re not only promoting better health for the tree but you’re also promoting an increase in fruit production overall.

Remove Hazardous Branches

Large trees with dead branches are a hazard for multiple reasons. Even if the tree itself is small, branches can still break off in high winds or a severe storm, becoming projectiles that can damage houses, break windows, and generally cause injury. In large trees, these branches can extend over the roof of your house or become tangled in power lines. Additionally, cracks or large spots of decay in the trunk can weaken the tree and contribute to poor root growth, making it more likely that the entire tree will fall.


Pruning your trees adds intrinsic value to real-estate, and when properly pruned, it  can add 20% additional value at the time of sale.

If you’d like more information on tree health and how proper pruning can improve the health and longevity of your plants, contact us. We serve both residential and commercial clients with pride.


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