3 Tips for Better Shrub Health

Plants and people are pretty similar in many ways. If you look after shrubs like you would look after pets, (Trees Are Pets Too), the chances of them growing up are much higher than if you simply leave them to their own devices.

3 Tips for Better Shrub Health

Don’t Forget the Water

The most crucial aspect of keeping plants of any kind happy is ensuring that they have the proper amount of water. A gallon of water a day for young shrubs will help them establish a strong root system that will serve them well as they grow. Trees require 10-15 gallons per diameter inch per watering.

Fertilizers for Nutrients

If your shrubs are in good soil, which contains a lot of organic matter for them to absorb, then the need for fertilizers are less to keep them healthy. Generally this isn’t the case, there are several things you’ll want to take into account when deciding how much and what kind of fertilizer to give your shrubs. What kind of shrubs are they? What kind of soil are they in? How large are they? Shrubs which are small or planted near grass or an established tree will need more fertilizer than larger shrubs or those that do not have to compete with other plant life. You also have the choice of chemical fertilizers (which are high in nutrients but can burn the shrub) or natural fertilizers (which feed both the soil and the shrub but are much lower in concentrated nutrients). All this has already been done for you. The best have already been researched for you and are used by Advanced Tree & Shrub Care Inc., with their patented tree food, everything is supplied to the plant necessary to sustain life and grow healthy for a 12 month period.

Pruning Helps Guard Against Diseases

Pruning branches from shrubs once they’ve grown large enough will help them fend off diseases from dying branches or insect invasion. Removing dead branches or those that hit another plant or structures will also help the tree or shrub use its nutrients more effectively and ensure that the plants around it are not damaged by its branches. In trees there are two types of health, structural and physical, pruning by trained, educated and experienced Arborist (ATC) can mitigated structural imperfections along with dead tissues risks during annual pruning cycle. Arborist can identify many issues when they are in there infancy, either mitigate it or set course for a plan to secure its health.

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